Answered on: December 31, 2018


Do I need to pay a deposit for a car if I book with Premium insurance?


Insurance Excess and Security Deposit are not strictly connected. You can remove or reduce your excess for you insurance liability during the online booking process with our insurance partner AXA. This is likely the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance available. However you will be offered extra insurance at the desk on arrival. To view these options, next to the car photo is a link entitled IMPORTANT INFORMATION Click on this and then on INSURANCE and it will display the options of that particular supplier. Try a few different suppliers as they do vary widely. A SECURITY DEPOSIT: is held on your credit card during the rental period. Again clicking on the same link IMPORTANT INFORMATION will reveal what the Security Deposit will be for each supplier.


The deposit amount can vary per supplier, you can see it under:- "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" and then "PAYMENT".